Barcelona day 4

  Since we have about a week in Barcelona we are able to take things in slowly and relax about seeing every site. We find things in the neighborhood to do and find ourselves in the apartment often, going out for a few hours and then coming back to make food and relax. We reallyContinue reading “Barcelona day 4”

Barcelona Days 2 and 3

After day 1 we decided we need to see more of the city and decide to look for another place to stay, since our current spot is only available for 2 nights. We find a great apartment near the University through and book a room for 5 nights. We won’t check in until 3Continue reading “Barcelona Days 2 and 3”

Barcelona, day 1

The epic view from the balcony at the apartment where we rented a room for 2 nights. What a way to start the day, having breakfast with Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia so so close! We headed to an outdoor market, they sell everything from antiques, to housewares, books and big stuff like sinks, beds etc. Super crowdedContinue reading “Barcelona, day 1”

Agen and Agen and Agen!

After going to the (free) French hospital and getting a cast and some pain meds. Sierra felt more like recuperating than trekking with me to our planed trip to the city of Agen. I however gallantly strode forth! A lot of boring  useless pictures you might say. But I spent a long and lonely day withContinue reading “Agen and Agen and Agen!”

First spring flowers then some bad news…

And raspberry cheesecake! Sierra’s Big Break… we had a big work day ahead of us, our hosts purchased 3 large grain silos and we went to pick them up. These are the culprits… After dismantling the largest silo the fateful decision was made to move the other 2 intact. While these monsters were being moved,Continue reading “First spring flowers then some bad news…”


Early one cold morning, just a day before the snow set in, we begin to heard/tackle 7 pregnant mother sheep and bring them (one-by-one) into some nice straw-laden stables we had prepared the day before. To our surprise we found the cute little guy pictured below already born and shivering in the sub-zero (celsius) temperatures. SinceContinue reading “Enjouanisson”