Narbonne and Carcassonne

On our weekend off at Chateau Ventenac, we spent one day in the nearest town – Narbonne, on the other we visited medieval town/castle Carcassonne. Narbonne is a busy little town with a beautiful town square containing an ancient Hotel de-ville (town-hall) and  large cathedral.             After buying treats at theContinue reading ”  Narbonne and Carcassonne”

Winter’s last hurrah!

We woke up to a snow covered world today! There were flowers already blooming and just last week we were outside having brunch in the yard. But, the past 2 days it has been bitter cold and the forecast was warning of snow. We got the last of the expectant mother sheep into the barnContinue reading “Winter’s last hurrah!”

Valentine’s in Auch

Our free day happened to fall on Valentine’s Day and after much research and help from our hosts we decided to make a 1 hour journey by bus to the city of Auch (pronounced like, Osh). We arrived early in the morning and walked right through the market on our way up the hill, intoContinue reading “Valentine’s in Auch”