Winter’s last hurrah!

We woke up to a snow covered world today! There were flowers already blooming and just last week we were outside having brunch in the yard. But, the past 2 days it has been bitter cold and the forecast was warning of snow. We got the last of the expectant mother sheep into the barn yesterday in anticipation of the cold snap. We put lot’s of extra bedding in with the rabbits yesterday as well, so glad we were able to anticipate what was coming. Today we gave all the pig houses more hay for warmth and put a heat lamp in with the chicks. Everyone should be cozier with more bedding and it actually feels a little warmer than it had been before the snow… plus snow is just so fun!Image


8am from the kitchen window, drinking coffee and not looking forward to going out there.Image

Of course an epic snowball fight broke out right after morning chores…ImageJohn took the camera out and got some great shots of the animals in the snow. Image

Yesterday the lake had a layer of ice on it, the ducks flew onto it and then had to waddle off on the ice, I think they were happy that they could swim today.


ImageImageThese guys were snuggling in the hay keeping warm!ImageThe Princesses’ and their collective boyfriend, D’jango, way out in the field…ImageLooks like they are embarking on a journey but I think they are actually just walking towards John… they love him, the feeling is mutual.ImageD’Jango the boar, ladies man, he is on loan from another farmer.ImageImageImageHercule, the dogs love the snow!ImageImageImagePolo and Ned, donkeys are not snow animals by nature, poor guys! 

ImageImageImageImageImageThe snow was mostly melted by the end of the day. It would be fun if it was a snow day all over again tomorrow.


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