Barcelona day 4


Since we have about a week in Barcelona we are able to take things in slowly and relax about seeing every site. We find things in the neighborhood to do and find ourselves in the apartment often, going out for a few hours and then coming back to make food and relax. We really felt at home there! 



On day 4 we ventured over to the large market, La Boqueria. Walking there we pass through an area we had been before and realized just how central our apartment is to so many exciting neighborhoods. The metro is fast and efficient and saves tired feet but walking around a city really gives a different feel and familiarity with the place. 




La Boqueria is a sprawling indoor market with lot’s of treats being offered. Fruits and veggies of course but also entire stands devoted to every type of egg imaginable, charcuterie places, offal hawkers, mushroom dealers, fresh juice stands, sellers of fragrant and colorful spices, olive offerers, fish mongers, wine merchants, bakeries, dried fruit and trail mix hustlers and plenty of counters offering tapas or pizza to eat there or to go. It’s like a little food city!



 It’s pretty crowded and noisy but very colorful and beautiful. We made the rounds, stopping to pick up chorizo, lot’s of fresh veggies, a loaf of bread, dried strawberries (obsessed with these!), mushrooms and each a fruit juice (there were so many wonderful flavors to choose from!) 



The prices range from very expensive to very reasonable, cleverly some merchants offer samples and before you know it they are handing you a kilo worth of what you sampled and trying to make you buy it! This is where a smile and “No.” comes in handy, otherwise you are about to buy a small bag of trail mix for 13. euro! Yeah, no! We try to avoid that stand as we continue to wander, in search of the cheapest chorizo. (We pick up a great chorizo eventually and we still carry it back to France with us after using it for 4 meals now! What a steal!) 



So with heavy bags we are ready to get back to the apartment for lunch… Passing through the narrow alleyways looking up at the plant filled balconies, admiring the street art, peeking in shops and snapping photos all the way. John crafts amazing sandwiches from our market treasures, oh he’s a good catch! 



We write a blog post, chill and then wander out to the streets in search of this chocolate drink with churros I keep hearing about. There are plenty of shops and places to look at, and we discover there are 2 more markets within walking distance. Neither as big as La Boqueria but big and going on daily. Such an exciting food culture in Spain! We see a gadget store with a little party going on (people drinking beers in a store is universal for party with free beers, and possibly treats, I’m in!) the place is packed with pretty people admiring art painted on skateboard decks. We squeeze in, find the treats, marcona almonds (my fave!), cupcakes and little fresh donuts, yum! We also find the beers and join right in! Great little detour and some great art to see. We leave after a while and find a few more open galleries filled with beautiful people and art.



 We never did find the churros and chocolate so we wander back home for dinner…


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