Narbonne and Carcassonne

On our weekend off at Chateau Ventenac, we spent one day in the nearest town – Narbonne, on the other we visited medieval town/castle Carcassonne. Narbonne is a busy little town with a beautiful town square containing an ancient Hotel de-ville (town-hall) and  large cathedral.             After buying treats at theContinue reading ”  Narbonne and Carcassonne”

Château Ventenac

After our Italian holiday we got back to work in France. We had an overnight 12 hour bus ride out of Milan. It was pouring rain the entire time and the bus was full of characters but we managed to get some shut eye and arrived in Narbonne the following afternoon. We were picked upContinue reading “Château Ventenac”

The islands of Lago Maggiore

After enjoying the gardens and home at Isola Madre we hop back on the ferry. Then over to the cute and colorful Isola Pescatori (Fisherman’s Island) for a delicious lunch. Then a quick jaunt over to Isola Bella… Where we toured the home and gardens of the Borromeo family… The home has an amazing grotto…Continue reading “The islands of Lago Maggiore”

Lago Maggiore, Botanical Gardens and Villa Taranto

Next stop Lago Maggiore. After leaving the incredible Casa Scaparone and truffle obsessed town of Alba we drive to Verbania, Michael (our friend from the bay area who is graciously hosting and is showing us his favorite places) has an apartment there so we will stay there for the next few days. We arrive inContinue reading “Lago Maggiore, Botanical Gardens and Villa Taranto”

First taste of Italy

At the end of a very long tunnel out of France we were greeted with sunshine! Something we had come to miss during our stay in France. Although the French Alps may be as beautiful and majestic as their Italian counterparts, we couldn’t tell you because they were hemmed in by cold grey clouds. HereContinue reading “First taste of Italy”

St. Gengoux le National, our day off.

This is the Medieval town of St. Genoux. A 30 minute walk from our temporary home in Burnand. A small but beautiful town with a natural spring that a French King considered the fountain of youth, so naturally he had a castle built there. All that is left of that castle is the dungeon towerContinue reading “St. Gengoux le National, our day off.”