First, spring flowers. Then, some bad news…




And raspberry cheesecake!


Now the bad news, Sierra’s Big Break…


We had a big work day ahead of us, our hosts purchased 3 large grain silos and we went to pick them up.


These are the culprits…


After dismantling the largest silo the fateful decision was made to move the other 2 intact. While these monsters were being moved, Sierra’s right arm was caught between them and her wrist was broken. Our hostess Louisa quickly got Sierra to the nearest hospital. We are back at the house now with arm in a wrist to shoulder cast. Obviously saddened but not deterred, our trip will carry on!



2 thoughts on “First, spring flowers. Then, some bad news…

  1. Hola!
    Those photos of you are beautiful!! Love the one of you ” on top of the world”! How’s the food?! The architecture is amazing!!! What is that building outside the apartment door?, a cathedral? It’s stunning!
    One little request, if you can while in Spain, try to find a suvaneer with our last name and maybe family crest. How awesome would that be to have something like that from where our ancestors came from?! 🙂
    Well enjoy it all and thanks so much for the Blogs. Give John a hug! Love and miss you tons!!!!! xoxo, Ash

    1. Hey Ash,

      Thanks! The food here is incredible!! The latest post, I just put it up now, has a few photos from dinner the other night mmmmm…

      I will keep an eye out for a family crest, that would be cool to have 🙂

      Glad you like the blog!

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