A hike in Port Lligat and a day in Cadaques

  We leave Casa Dali and walk along the shore, checking out so many cool shells and sea creature skeletons. We walk across the bay to see the house from afar, there is a big blue box in the water directly across the bay from Dali’s house and we wonder what might be in it…Continue reading “A hike in Port Lligat and a day in Cadaques”

Casa Dalí

We wake up early to catch a bus from Barcelona to the town of seaside Spanish town of Cadaquez. The ride takes us through highways, gives way to roads and roundabouts, goes through small towns, finally leading to the sea. We turn towards terraced green hills that wind around  and around, giving a peek ofContinue reading “Casa Dalí”

Barcelona day 4

  Since we have about a week in Barcelona we are able to take things in slowly and relax about seeing every site. We find things in the neighborhood to do and find ourselves in the apartment often, going out for a few hours and then coming back to make food and relax. We reallyContinue reading “Barcelona day 4”

Barcelona Days 2 and 3

After day 1 we decided we need to see more of the city and decide to look for another place to stay, since our current spot is only available for 2 nights. We find a great apartment near the University through airbnb.com and book a room for 5 nights. We won’t check in until 3Continue reading “Barcelona Days 2 and 3”

Barcelona, day 1

The epic view from the balcony at the apartment where we rented a room for 2 nights. What a way to start the day, having breakfast with Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia so so close! We headed to an outdoor market, they sell everything from antiques, to housewares, books and big stuff like sinks, beds etc. Super crowdedContinue reading “Barcelona, day 1”