St. Gengoux le National, our day off.

This is the Medieval town of St. Genoux. A 30 minute walk from our temporary home in Burnand. A small but beautiful town with a natural spring that a French King considered the fountain of youth, so naturally he had a castle built there. All that is left of that castle is the dungeon towerContinue reading “St. Gengoux le National, our day off.”


We took a bus from Cadaques to Figueres. Figueres is a city with a Dali history as well, there is a great museum there that is unfortunately closed on Monday’s… Yet another reason for us to return! We have trouble finding our hotel, but on the way we pass the Dali Museum and it’s hugeContinue reading “Figueres”

A hike in Port Lligat and a day in Cadaques

After an incredible tour through the home and gardens of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali (Casa Dali is the home on the left in the photo below) we walk along the shore, checking out so many cool shells and sea creature skeletons. We walk across the bay to see the house from afar, there isContinue reading “A hike in Port Lligat and a day in Cadaques”

Casa Dalí

We wake up early to catch a bus from Barcelona to the seaside Spanish town of Cadaquez. The ride takes us through highways, gives way to roads and roundabouts, goes through small towns, finally leading to the sea. We turn towards terraced green hills that wind around  and around, giving a peek of the seaContinue reading “Casa Dalí”

Our last day in Barcelona.

Our last full day in beautiful Barcelona! We plan to visit Sagrada Familia, the magnificent Gaudi cathedral we stayed across from during our first few days. When we arrive there the line is crazy long and we realize we will not be able to visit anything else if we wait in line all day. SoContinue reading “Our last day in Barcelona.”