Barcelona, day 5

This was a laundry day so we got a late start, getting outside just as the sun was setting.ImageArc de TriomfImageWe walk under the arch and into the Parc de la Ciutadella.ImageThere are two really cool, old conservatories, both filled with plants but abandoned looking.ImageTwo crazy girls were climbing this one to watch the sunset…Image

ImageThere is also a Zoo, Parlament de Catalunya, and a huge fountain in this park. Image

ImageAs the light fades we wander into Barre Gotic, an amazing neighborhood with tiny winding mazes of streets too narrow for cars, we go in with an few hours before meeting the cousin of our friend Marcos, Nathalie. We find a really unique speakeasy and hang out for a few hours, chatting with a tourist from Florida. With about an hour before we need to meet Nathalie we wander out into the labyrinth of streets and get very lost! It’s a bit funny because it seems everyone we ask doesn’t know the way to the place we are going, and a particular group has conflicting ways which to send us… after a crazy half hour thinking we will never get out of Barre Gotic, we arrive at the same time as Nathalie at a big fountain. She takes us to her favorite bar and it is lively but we find a table in the back, sitting, chatting, drinking beers for a while. We haven’t had dinner yet and we tell her we have been craving Mexican food… She knows a place and we are off!

ImageMmm tacos, burritos and Pacifico! They bar/restaurant is really authentic and colorful too, we are happy! Nathalie is a great tour guide and takes us to another bar where her friend works, we chat for a while and before we head home we are treated to free shots! A little shot of juice for Sierra since she is a lightweight 😉

Thanks for a fun night Nathalie!ImageImage



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