St. Gengoux le National, our day off.


This is the Medieval town of St. Genoux. A 30 minute walk from our temporary home in Burnand.

A small but beautiful town with a natural spring that a French King considered the fountain of youth, so naturally he had a castle built there.

All that is left of that castle is the dungeon tower and the ancient laundromat. The springs themselves still flow but now with a sign warning the water is non-potable.

Image                                     Image


While touring the city, we collected picnic foods and made plans to hike up to an old look out tower perched atop a near-by hill.


Heres the village from above…



Below is another nearby city, (this one much bigger, though still a small city) Chalon-sur-saone where our host Jeane took John to do some shopping at the Marche.




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