We took a bus from Cadaques to Figueres. Figueres is a city with a Dali history as well, there is a great museum there that is unfortunately closed on Monday’s… Yet another reason for us to return! We have trouble finding our hotel, but on the way we pass the Dali Museum and it’s huge eggs and big dome. Once we find the hotel we are exhausted and stay until dark, then we are ready to explore the city…


We hear there is a castle on the hill above the town and set out to find it. We come to a park and walk in, then straight up a trail which leads to another trail that seems to go along the castle walls. We decide to walk the trail around… and it is a very long hike by moonlight! We can see below to what looks like a moat and we see the towers and walls rising up. After about an hour we reach an area that is lit up, the main entrance and we can finally take some photos!



We hadn’t walked the entire perimeter, but most of the way, so we take the main road back to the town. Below is an arial view of the Castle de Sant Ferran, crazy huh?


After our moonlit hike we needed beers and a little something to eat so we found a place and went in for a snack. We needed to turn in early to meet our Carshare to take us to Toulouse in the AM.


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