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7 thoughts on “Marché

  1. Looks like your going to eat like kings and queens Are you doing all the shopping and cooking for the farm that you’re staying at? We had a big rain storm yesterday, very cold and it even hailed! We are really enjoying your blogs!!! Love ya , Mom and Grandma Maudie, and everyone too

    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, we have been eating so well! All of the photos on this post are from the farmers markets in Paris. We are at the farm now, been here for a week, I hope to make a post about the farm today… we’ll see haha! I am so happy you are enjoying the posts 🙂

      Sierra and John

  2. Hi,
    I am going to guess that Marche is a French word that relates to food — or market??? Great pictures.

  3. Hi, Sierra!
    This is Nicole from IG (nicolewhaat), sorry to be creeping but I’m a blogger myself and couldn’t resisting following your link. I also studied in France last year during the fall and lived in Normandy, with a visits throughout France. Needless to say, your trip is resurrecting some serious nostalgia and my inner Francophile!! Paris looked amazing, and how lucky you were to have hosts bring you around. And don’t worry– it’s only the Parisians who will be rude about your French.. everyone else will love that you’re even trying. And I adore the markets in France, their standard offerings even in the small villages put some of ours in the U.S. to shame!

    Alors, c’est tout! J’attends avec impatience pour la prochaine poste. A toute suite! 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole!

      So cool you had a look at the blog, not creepy at all haha I am happy to share the experience and I love when my IG, FB and blog worlds collide 🙂

      I will be looking at your blog after I write this and I am excited to read about your time in Normandy. I hope to write more about our time here on a farm in Midi-Pyrenees, but after a long day of work it’s so difficult to sit down and write about a long day of work! Soon enough though! Looks like you developed a good amount of the language, we are living with a British family on this farm so I am afraid I am developing more of a British accent than basic French conversational skills!

      The markets here are beyond amazing, I love the farmers markets in the Bay Area and I thought they were the best (ok maybe the best in US) but the French markets are incredible, so many great foods and lovely people that are passionate about their offerings. The family were are staying with sells eggs, homemade sausage and pate as well as English cakes and treats at the big Monday market in the nearest town. It’s cool to help pack up the eggs and feel like I have a small part in the market world here.

      Thanks so much for looking! Check back soon, I will write and have photos of the farm (promise) and the local places we will have day trips to.


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